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Nishita Barua

Full name:  Nishita Barua
July 15
Comilla, Bangladesh             
5 feet 2 inches 
Years active: 
Spouse (s): 
Height: 5 feet 3 inches
Zodiac sign: 

Nishita Barua is a Bangladeshi popular singer who comes to the music arena through the music contest Close-Up One in 2006. She is a very popular singer to the young generation of the country. Her different touch tone draws the listener’s attention very easily. Nishita already established her name in the music industry of Bangladesh. “Rongdhonu Valo Lage” is the best song for the singer.

Early Life:

Nishita Barua was born on July 15, in Comilla but her hometown is Chittagong. Her father Shakkopod Barua is a teacher at Comilla Victoria College and her mother Shuchonda Barua is a homemaker.

She studied at Our Lady Fatema Girls High School in Comilla. Then Nishita went to Darjeeling to pursue studies and continue here from standard 6 to standard 7. She completed her graduation from the Independent University of Chittagong.

At an early age, she was passionate about music and learned music from her family. Nishita gets a primary education in music from her uncle Shunil Barua. Then she took the lesson from Sraboni Halder in Comilla and afterward Ostad Mihir Ali in Chittagong. Currently, she lives in Dhaka.

Nishita Barua Career:

Nishita Barua Kicked off the formal journey in the music arena through the Close Up One Music pageant. She released her first music album in 2007 named “Amay Niye Cholo”. The album was so successful in the music industry of Bangladesh.

Nishita also gives her voice for an international album “Valobashar Bristy” some foreign singers performed on the album. She also worked as a Radio Jockey on Radio Today. Nishita gives voice in some jingles for advertisement. The singer played back in several popular movies including “Bajao Biyer Bajna” & “Mone Boro Jala”.

Nishita Item Song:

Nishita Barua dreamed for a long time after the Close Up One contest to sing an item song, however, she made her debut in the item song in “Paloke Paloke”. In the movie Nishita gives a voice for the item song “Disco Baj” and her long-term dream has turned into reality.

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