All Ministers of Bangladesh 2022

Bangladesh government disclosed the cabinet members’ names just after the 11th General Election of the country. There is a flashing fact that some of the newly elected parliament members entered the cabinet and some of the old members were out of the list. All ministers list of Bangladesh is given below where most of the

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Best Lawyers of Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a lot of talented and brilliant lawyer, some of them are nationally and internationally well recognized. We make a list of the best lawyer of Bangladesh according to our research, it may not fit your demand, however, we tried enough to make the list impartiality. 1-Barrister Rafique Ul Huq is a pioneer and

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Top Richest Person of Bangladesh

Who is the richest person in Bangladesh it is a tough question to find out the answer? Most of the richest person hide themselves to disclose the real information about their assets unless paying a higher tax. If not happen how Hakimpuri Jarda owner Haji M Kaus Mia becomes the top taxpayer resting behind another

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Famous Actress from California

The list of the famous actress from California. We listed here most of the famous and well-known American actress who born in California according to the popularity. 1- Angelina Jolie (June 4, 1975- ) the American paramount actress who was born in California. She is a filmmaker and humanitarian. Jolie is the former wife of

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