Famous Bangladeshi People

A list of famous Bangladeshi people: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (1920-1975) Sheikh Mujib is the father of Bangladesh, the first president, and Prime Minister of this country. Mujib is best known for his historic speech on 7th March prior to Liberation War. His speech rubbed off the people of Bangladesh for their freedom. The great leader […]

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Top Bangladeshi Cricketers

A list of top Bangladeshis cricketers of all time: Shakib Al Hasan (1987- ) Shakib Al Hasan is the best player of Bangladesh Cricket Team in history. ICC declared him as the #1 All-Rounder in all formats of cricket In January 2005. He is the best internationally recognized cricketer from Bangladesh. He is really a game

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How to Be Success in Life

Every person has a silent desire to be a success in life! But is it possible for all to be a success? No, everyone does not get success in life, for success, there is need to follow some tricks and rules in life. You should be well managed, focus on targeting, inspired by the world-famous

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