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Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi

Full name: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Birth Date:
October 2, 1869
Death Date: January 30, 1948 (aged 78)
Birth Place:
Porbandar, British India
University London
Lawyer, Politician
Height: 5 feet 4 inches (1.64 m)
Spouse (s):
Kasturbai Makhanji Kapadia
Zodiac sign:

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was an Indian prominent political leader ever, he is best known around the world as ‘Mahatma Gandhi’. Gandhi was the leading Indian independence crusade leader and a pioneer spiritual leader who founded the Satyagraha Movement. Through the movement, public disobedience was declared against the dictatorship of British rule. It was founded on the philosophy of non-violence theory and the movement was the Indian independence movement or one of the driving force, and the inspiration of the movement of people, right to freedom throughout the world.

Mahatma Gandhi Early Life and Education:

On October 2, 1869, Mahatma Gandhi was born in Porbandar, British India to father, Karamchand Gandhi and mother, Putlibai. She was the fourth wife of Karamchand, first, every two wives gave birth to a daughter, an unknown reason they died. His father Karamchand was a Diwan (chief minister) of Porbandar. Being impressed by the devout mother, Gandhi began to learn about vegetarian food, non-violence and fasting for self-purification from early life. In schooling, Mahatma Gandhi was a mediocre student, passed matriculation from Samaldas College in Bhavnagar State in 1887, however, he was not happy in college life. Mahatma Gandhi’s family wanted him to become a barrister that’s why he went to London when he was 18 years old in 1888 to pursue to study in Law and enrolled at University London. But Royal London couldn’t able to touch him, still, he continued a normal life in the city.

Mahatma Gandhi Career:

A British-educated lawyer, Gandhi first employed his non-violent, peaceful civil disobedience in the Indian community in South Africa for their civil rights. After returning to India, he formed a movement along with some poor farmers and laborers to protest against oppressive taxation and widespread discrimination. When the Indian National Congress comes to the leadership, Gandhi began to preach around India about the alleviation of poverty, women’s freedom, establishment brotherhood among different ethnic groups, remove caste discrimination and economic prosperity. But it was all ‘Swaraj’ that is to free India from foreign domination.

In 1930, Gandhi led in (400 km) Dandi Salt March against the salt tax in India that was the first attempt against the British rulers to quit India in 1942. Gandhi was imprisoned several times in South Africa and India for different reasons. In all circumstances, he remained non-violence and truth and led a normal life, ate simple vegetarian food. American president Martin Luther King Jr. was being impressed by his non-violent theory.

Mahatma Gandhi Personal Life:

At only 13 years old in 1883 Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi got married to 14-year-old Kasturbai Makhanji Kapadia. He married prior to understanding the meaning of marriage by arranging child marriage in the region, he only grasped the sense of eating sweets, wearing new clothes and playing with relatives. Gandhi also lost a year of schooling due to his early marriage. His wife gave birth four sons named Harilal, Manilal, Ramdas and Devdas.

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