Ayub Bachchu

Ayub Bachchu

Ayub Bachchu

Full name: Ayub Bachchu
Birth date:
August 16, 1962
Birth place:
Chittagong, Bangladesh
Muslim High School
Singer, Lead Guitarist
Years active:
Spouse (s):
Ferdous Ayub Chandana
Zodiac sign:

Ayub Bachchu is a Bangladeshi popular singer. He is considered one of the best pop singers in the country. Ayub Bachchu is a well-known song writer, music producer, playback singer and lead guitarist. He comes to the timeline around the country by releasing the album ‘Koshto’.

Ayub Bachchu Early Life and Education:

Ayub Bachchu was born on August 16, 1962, in Chittagong, Bangladesh. He rose up in the Chittagong city and started a music career with the Band ‘FEELINGS’ in 1978.  Ayub Bachchu is also known as AB to the fans and he is called as Robin. He was a naughty boy during early childhood but a talented student. Ayub Bachchu dreamed of to be a professional cricketer. He studied at Muslim High School.

Ayub Bachchu Career:

Ayub Bachchu made his debut in the music industry by giving voice in the song ‘Harano Bikiler Golpo’. In 1986, Ayub Bachchu released his first music album ‘Rakto Golap’ but the album didn’t get enough popularity. His success story began when his second album ‘Moyna’ was released. He comes to the close of listeners by releasing the third album ‘Koshto’ in 1995. The album was super hit; the song ‘Koshto Pete Bhalobasi’ touches the listeners’ heart very much. Ayub Bachchu became a heartthrob singer overnight around the country for the heart touching song.

In 1991, he formed his own band LRB, where he played a role as lead guitarist and vocal, before establishing his own band, he worked 10 years in the band ‘Souls’. Basically, he is a rock singer, but he impressed the listeners with modern, classic and folk song. Ayub Bachchu made debut as a playback singer with the song ‘Anonto Prem Tumi Dao Amake’. Apart from, he gives voice to lots of film’s song.

Ayub Bachchu Personal Life:

Ayub Bachchu got married with Ferdous Ayub Chandana. The couple has two children a son Fairuj and a daughter Tazwar. He has owned production house named ‘AB Kitchen’. In November 2012, he diagnosed water in lunch; however he recovers after taking treatment.

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