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Dr. Kamal Hossain

Full name: Dr. Kamal Hossain
Birth date: April 20, 1937
Birthplace: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Education: University of Oxford
Occupation: Lawyer
Political party: Gano Forum
Years active: 1972-present
Height: 5 feet 6 inches (1.70 m)
Spouse (s): Hameeda Hossain
Religion: Islam
Zodiac sign: Gemini

Kamal Hossain is a Bangladeshi lawyer, politician and freedom fighter who served as Law Minister as well as Foreign Minister of Bangladesh. He is best known as Dr. Kamal Hossain and as principal writer constitutes of Bangladesh. In 1971, although he crossed Agartala border to India instead of joining in the freedom war, he went to Pakistan, started a legal business. After a few months, he was arrested by the Pakistani government. After the establishment of Bangladesh with Sheikh Muijbur Rahman, he was also released on January 08, 1972. Kamal returned to Bangladesh to London with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He is respected for personal integrity, fairness and human rights.

Early Life and Education:

Kamal Hossain was born on April 20, 1937. Kamal Hossain received Bachelor of Jurisprudence degree from the University of Oxford in 1957 and completed Bachelor of Civil Law from the same institute in 1958. He was awarded a Doctorate in International Law.


Kamal Hossain is best known as the author of constitute. He is always an active voice in politics of Bangladesh. Kamal is an internationally recognized lawyer who served as chairman of Bangladesh constitute making the committee. He was the member of Bangladeshi largest political party Awami League prior to establishing Gano Forum. Kamal established his own political party following a dispute with Awami League leader Sheikh Hasina.

Kamal is one of the successful jurists of Bangladesh who conducted various landmark cases. He published the number of law journals in Bangladesh. He is the best lawyer in international arbitration as a Bangladeshi lawyer. Kamal appeared in the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal as an arbitrator. Kamal is a renowned lawyer who served as the UN Special Rapporteur on Afghanistan. He has acted as vice chairman of the International Law Association London. Kamal has a daughter named Sara Hossain who is also a lawyer, married British journalist David Bergman.

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  1. Latiful Kabir

    Dr. Kamal Hossain never crossed the border to go to Agartala and was not a freedom fighter. Rather he was arrested in April 1971 and was sent to Pakistan Jail.

    1. Sanjoy Saha

      Like to know the justification of this msg from the aware of persons.

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