Kuddus Boyati Bio Height Wife Wiki & Family

Kuddus Boyati
Kuddus Boyati

Full name: Abdul Kuddus Boyati
Nickname: Kuddus Boyati
Birthplace: Netrokona, Bangladesh
Education: Class four
Occupation: Folk singer
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Religion: Islam
Zodiac sign: Aries

Abdul Kuddus Boyati is the brightest name in the realm of the Bangladeshi folk music arena. He relentlessly perseveres in Palagaan from his childhood now, he is one of the best folk singers in Bangladesh. Kuddus has been attempting to enrich the bangle folk song since the beginning of his career. Kuddus Boyati comes into the attraction of people from the rural area with his remarkable singing techniques.

Kuddus Boyati Early Life:

Abdul Kuddus Boyati was born at Rajibpur village, Kendua, Netrokona. He was not interested in schooling at an early stage of life but was fascinated by Palagaan. Kuddus Boyati always runs away from school, it was hard for Kuddus to concentrate on his study because music attracted him to a large extent.

Kuddus Boyati dropped out of school and put full concentration on music one was Palagaan, Bhatiali, and Sarigaan. Kuddus’s father Arfan Boyati was also a musician although he wasn’t able to embrace success in the music industry, therefore; his father resisted Kuddus to build up a career in the music industry because he lost all property by running behind the music.

His father insisted more on his son’s studies, but his all attempts were a failure because Kuddus frequently flee away from school.

Kuddus Boyati Career:

Mansur Ali Boyati is his master, a blind folk singer. Kuddus Boyati came to touch with the great folk singer when he was only ten or eleven years old and requested to teach the art of music. Firstly, Mansur Ali Boyati refused the request because of his father’s obstruction. On the other hand despite the relentless attempts of Kuddus, the master agreed to teach music to him. In this way, Kuddus’s career journey began in the Palagaan arena.

Kuddus get countrywide acclamation with some songs such as Aam khaiyo jam khaiyo kanthal khaiyo na, Ai din din noi aro din achhey and Shunen shunen deshobashi. His songs always convey a social message and try to conscious people of social issues.

Although Kuddus Boyati didn’t take study his song, Ai din din noi aro din achhey is able to send children to school. Kuddus Boyati has formed a foundation named Bangla Folk Media to protect the folk music industry.

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