Sufia Kamal Bio, Wiki, Husband & Death

Sufia Kamal

Full Name: Begum Sufia Kamal
Birth Date:
June 20, 1911
Birth Place:
Shaestabad, Barisal
Died: November 20, 1999
Death Place: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Writer, Poet
Spouse (s):
Syed Nehal Hossain, Kamaluddin Ahmed
Zodiac Sign:

Begum Sufia Kamal was a popular Bengali poet and political activist who is considered as the pioneer of the feminist movement in the country. She had a huge contribution during the liberation war of Bangladesh, from her house medicine and food were given to the freedom fighters. Sufia is the first woman in the country who was given a state funeral at her death in 1999.

Sufia Kamal Early Life:

Sufia was born on June 20, 1911, in Shaestabad, Barisal to a Zamindar family. Women’s education was not allowed during her childhood eventually couldn’t get a formal education.

She learned English, Bengali, Hindi, and Urdu language from house tutors. Sufia went to Kolkata with her mother in 1918 where she met with well-known Bengali writer Begum Rokeya. She was a revolutionary woman who tried to add a new dimension to society. Sufia meet with Mahatma Gandhi in 1025  who inspired her to wear simple clothing.

Sufia Kamal Career:

Begum Sufia Kamal started writing literary work in 1923. She draws the attention of readers when published her first book of poems ‘Sanjher Maya’ bearing a forward from Kazi Nazrul Islam and praise from world poet Rabindranath Tagore which translated into the Russian language. Then Sufia published her collection of short stories ‘Keyar Kanta’ in 1937.

She was considered a romantic poet but fought against Pakistani rulers. Sufia actively participated in the Bengali Language Movement in 1952.  Sufia Kamal made an important role during the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971.

In her lifetime, she raised her voice for the empowerment of women. She demanded the first women’s dormitory at Dhaka University and got Rokeya Hall, after name poet Begum Rokeya.

Personal Life:

Sufia Kamal was first married when she was only 11 to cousin Syed Nehal Hossain, then a law student. The couple together had a daughter named Amena Kahar. Syed Nehal Hossain died in 1932.

Five years later of her first husband died, Sufia married again Kamaluddin Ahmed, she had two sons named Shahed Kamal and Sajed Kamal as well as two daughters named Sultana Kamal and Saida Kamal by the second marriage. Sufia Kamal died on November 20, 1999, and was buried in Dhaka with state honor.

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