Nur Mohammad Sheikh

Nur Mohammad Sheikh

Full name: Nur Mohammad Sheikh
Birth date:
February 26, 1936
Birthplace: Moheshkhali, Narail
Died: September 05, 1971
Death Place:
Goalhati, Jessore
Seven Grade
Lance Nayek
Bir Sreshtho
Sector no: 
Spouse (s):
Zodiac sign:

Nur Mohammad Sheikh is a famous martyred freedom fighter of Bangladesh. The great hero was awarded the highest recognition of the Bangladesh liberation war ‘Bir Sreshtho’ along with other six heroes. He was also Lance Nayek in East Pakistan Rifles like Munshi Abdur Rouf during the liberation war. Nur participated in the war under sector 8. He died savings his fellow soldiers at Goalhati in Jessore.

Early Life:

Nur Mohammad Sheikh was born on February 26, 1936, in a poor family in Moheshkhali, Narail. Mohammad Amanat Sheikh his father and his mother is Mosammat Jinnatunnesa Khanam who lost their hero very early stage of life. He had to stop education in seven grade at the local school.

He was passionate about theatre in early childhood. Sheikh joined East Pakistan Rifles on March 14, 1959. He was appointed at the Dinajpur sector finishing elementary training.

Nur Mohammad Career:

Nur Mohammad Sheikh kicked off his career journey as Lance Nayek in the East Pakistan Regiment on March 14, 1959. He worked on the Dinajpur border for a long time. On July 10, 1970, he was transferred from Dinajpur to Jessore. Sheikh participated in the liberation war of Bangladesh under sector 8 which is formed in the Jessore area.

Liberation War:

On September 5, 1971, making the captain of the Standing Patrol team to Nur Mohammad Sheikh sending to Goalhati, Jessore. Suddenly in the morning, the Pakistan army started firing from three sides tracing the Patrol. Then Mukti Bahini starts to repeat firing toward Pakistanis but didn’t able to rescue the Patrol.

Meanwhile, his fellow soldier Nannu Mia shot and he started carrying him toward a safe zone. He started shooting from different places to confuse the Pakistanis as they didn’t trace that there are only five fighters, but there were a lot of them.

Unfortunately, he was hit by a mortar and injured seriously even though Nur continued firing as fellow soldiers can escape safely. At this moment, his fellow soldiers Sepoy Mostafa urged him to go with them. But Nur Mohammad refused to go and kept on fighting until his death.


Nur Mohammad is survived by his widow Begum Fazilatunnesa and son Golam Mostafa. Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College at Pilkhana is named after him. He was buried at Kashipur, Sharsha, Jessore.

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