Hamidur Rahman

Hamidur Rahman
Hamidur Rahman

Full name: Bir Sreshtho Hamidur Rahman
Birth date:
February 02, 1953
Birthplace: Khardo Khalishpur, Moheshpur, Jhenaidah
Died: October 28, 1971
Death Place:
Dhalai, Sylhet
Khalishpur Primary School
Bir Sreshtho
Sector no:
Spouse (s):
Zodiac sign:

Hamidur Rahman was a freedom fighter in the Bangladesh Liberation War. He was awarded the highest recognition ‘Bir Sreshtho’ of the Liberation War of Bangladesh for his outstanding contribution on the battlefield. During the liberation war, he was associated with sector 4. Rahman was the youngest among the seven Bir Sreshtho as died at only 18 years old.

Hamidur Rahman Early Life:

Hamidur Rahman was born on February 02, 1953, in Khardo Khalishpur, Moheshpur, Jhenaidah to father Abbas Ali Mondol and mother Most. Kauysunnesa. He studied at Khalishpur Primary School. Later Hamidur studied a little at a night school. His family came to Bangladesh during the Partition of India in 1947 and left properties in India. They settled in the bordering area of Khalishpur.

Liberation War of Bangladesh:

Hamidur Rahman kicked off his career journey as a sepoy in Army in 1970. During the liberation war of Bangladesh, he came to his own village. Later a day from his home, he set out for Dhalai Border Outpost at Srimangal to join the liberation war of Bangladesh. He fought in sector 4. In October 1971, Hamidur took part in an operation to capture the outpost of Dhalai Border.

On October 28, 1971, Mukti Bahini took a decision to a grenade attack on the machine gun post of the Pakistan army. Hamidur Rahman was given the job to launch the grenade. Two grenades successfully attacked the machine gun post, but soon after he was shot.

In that condition, he went to a machine gun post and started a war against two soldiers of the Pakistani Army. In this way, he was able to invalidate the machine gun post. On this chance, the freedom fighter of the East Bengal Regiment proceeded with great enthusiasm and captured the border outpost overcoming the Pakistani Army.

But Hamidur could not take the taste of victory, fighters rescued his dead body after capturing the outpost. Just a few miles away from the border, he was buried in a family graveyard of Hatimarechra village in Tripura state. Once, the graveyard was flooded under the water. On October 27, 2007, the caretaker government of Bangladesh decided to bring the dead body back to the motherland.

Accordingly, a team of Bangladesh Rifles took Hamidur’s body from the Tripura border with due dignity the martyr’s body was brought through the Bibirhat border, Comilla to Bangladesh. Bir Sreshtho Hamidur Rahman was buried at the intellectual graveyard in Dhaka on December 11, 2007.


Hamidur Rahman’s won village Khardo Khalishpur named after him. A primary school in his village and a stadium in Jhenaidah were also named after him.

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