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Mother Teresa

Full Name: Mother Teresa
Birth Date:
August 26, 1910
Birth Place:
Skopje, Macedonia
September 5, 1997
Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Roman Catholic
Net Worth: $90 million 
Zodiac sign:

Mother Teresa was an Albanian-descent Roman Catholic nun, in India she established the Missionaries of Charity to help the people. She spends her whole life serving those in great need around the world. In her lifelong she worked for humankind, for long 45 years she served the sick, orphaned, and dying people. Teresa was awarded the Novel Peace prize for her outstanding contribution to the nursing arena.

Early Life:

Mother Teresa was born on August 26, 1910, in Skopje, Macedonia to Nikola and Dranafile Bojaxhiu. Her parents were of Albanian descent, the father was an entrepreneur, who worked as a construction contractor and her mother was a pious woman. She was very much passionate about nursing when she joined only 18 years old a group of nuns in Ireland and received training. After a few months of training, she traveled to India, where she started teaching. Mother Teresa was shocked about the poorest condition of Calcutta which made a deep impression on her.


First, Mother Teresa started her missionary activities in India then she extended her work around the world. She is best known as ‘Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta’ in the world. By the mid- 1970s, Teresa’s fame spread throughout the world as a social worker and friend of orphans. Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her notable contribution to the nursing field. Teresa was admired around the world by different countries’ governments and organizations.

Personal Life:

Mother Teresa suffered various health problems over the last two decades of her life, but nothing could halt her attempts towards helping poor and needy people. Until her death, Teresa was very much active in traveling around the world to observe the Missionary of Charity. She never married in life.


Mother Teresa was criticized for her unclear spending on donating money. It is claimed that she did not provide the perfect treatment to the patients and she embezzled donated money.

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