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Azizul Hakim
Azizul Hakim

Full name:  Azizul Hakim
Birth date: May 15
Birth place: 
Comilla, Bangladesh
Actor, Director
Years active: 
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Spouse (s): 
Zinat Hakim
Zodiac sign: 

Azizul Hakim is a legendary actor and producer. He is so much popular to the common people that can’t be described. There is no dying fact that like him actor or producer is blessing for any blockbuster. He possesses a versatile knowledge and has acted many types of characters. First of all, he started his career as a theatre actor, in the hand of acting has involved in serial. He is considered as a legend actor. Though is not looking good but has portrayed his character with a romantic mood that earn him names and fame.

Azizul Hakim Early Life:

Azizul Hakim was born on May 15, in Comilla, Bangladesh to father Md. Abdul Hakim (Engineer) and mother Mohijunnesa. In his childhood, he was engaged with ‘Aranyak’, a theatre group named. Hakim admitted at Dhaka University and received graduation degree in Political Science. He is a dweller of Dhaka city from his college life.

Azizul Hakim Career:

In 1977, he started a career with a theatre group “Aranyak”. Under the theatre, he has acted in various dramas and gained huge popularity as well as turned himself into a successful actor. Ora Ache BoleiIblishNankar PalaGinipigSomototCoriolenu are the remarkable plays in his career. Afterwards, he joined at Dhaka theatre where he acted various drama serial including Songsoder Maa and Kirtonkhola. During the 1980s, he started his career in the television screen through drama Ja Hariye Jay. Lots of telecasted drama increased his popularity during the 1980s. Ekhane Nongor, Priyo Bandhobi, Ditiyo Shotto and Kothay Shejon are the Azizul’s remarkable drama.

In 2008, Azizul Hakim has started his career with a new hue as director. As a director, he is a successful person and established his position in a strong place. He is an adroit producer and every drama becomes thriving and gained the core of heart and love of the common people. Azizul’s most of the plays deal with the rural people’s customs and manners. So, he is a loveable person to the common people.

Azizul Hakim has earned much reputation in his lifetime which gives him inspirations and aspiration.  He won the lots of award like Jay Jay Din Award in 1994, Cultural Director Association Award, and Bangladesh Television Journalist Award.

Azizul Hakim Personal Life:

Azizul Hakim married Zinat Hakim, they couple have a daughter named Nazah Hakim and a son Hrid.