Teddy Bridgewater Bio, Wiki, Girlfriend & Height

Teddy Bridgewater II
Teddy Bridgewater II

Full name: Teddy Bridgewater II
Birth date:
November 10, 1992
Miami, Florida
University of Louisville
6 feet 2 inches
Erika Cardona
Zodiac sign:

Teddy Bridgewater II is an American National League Football superstar who was drafted by Minnesota Vikings in 2014. He showed a terrific performance in the college football competition in Louisville. Teddy sparked his tremendous technique from the beginning of his career, now he is the brightest name as a quarterback in the NFL.

Teddy Bridgewater Early Life:

Teddy Bridgewater was born on November 10, 1992, in Miami, Florida. Teddy attended Miami Northwestern High School, where he replaced Jacory Haris and began as a quarterback. He took over the team and was awarded as National Champion by USA Today, a famous newspaper in America in 2007. Teddy finished 97 attempts off 160, and 16 touchdowns. He received a graduate degree from the University of Louisville in Sports Administration after the college football 2013 season.

Teddy Bridgewater Career:

In 2011, Teddy Bridgewater started his career as a freshman and took part in a game against Marshal as a Cardinal. After a period, he was drafted into the National Football League Competition by the Minnesota Vikings; in this team, he plays the role of a quarterback. Then Teddy showed his magnificent performance in the NFL game. Now, he is a superstar among the American National League players.

Personal Life:

Teddy Bridgewater is seen with his girlfriend in various party shows. He falls in love with the girl Erika. It is a matter of shock that, Teddy’s mother, Rose suffered from breast cancer. He has been in a relationship with Erika Cardona.

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