Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani
Mukesh Ambani

Full name: Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani
Birth date: April 19, 1957
Birthplace: Aden, Yemen
Education: Stanford University (dropout)
Occupation: Business
Spouse (s): Nita Ambani
Religion: Hinduism
Zodiac sign: Leo

Mukesh Ambani, owner of the largest Indian’s industrial group Reliance is one of the richest persons not only in the India but also in the world. Dhirubhai Ambani is his father and Anil Ambani is a brother. Reliance Industries Limited mainly operates its business in the sector of oil, gas, refining and petrochemical.

Early Life and Education:

Although Mukesh Ambani is an Indian citizen nevertheless was born in Aden, Yemen on April 19, 1957. His father Dhirubhai Ambani was an icon of Indian’s industrialists and mother Kokilaben Ambani was a housewife. Mukesh was the elder son of his parents and he has a brother named Anil and two sisters. Prior to 1990s, his family lived in a modest two bedrooms house while the business of Reliance going to increase then they moved to an aristocratic area in Mumbai.

Mukesh Ambani completed his graduation from the University of Mumbai in Chemical Engineering. Then he moved to United State in pursuing to achieve MBA degree, enrolled at Stanford University. However, Mukesh dropped out from this university without completing education in 1980.

Story of Reliance

Today, we know about the Reliance Group or Indian richest person, Mukesh Ambani, but it’s behind has a person Mukesh’s father Dhirubhai Ambani who builds the largest industrial group from the humble beginning. Dhirubhai Ambani was born in a rural area of Gujarat on December 29, 1938. He didn’t study a lot for a financial crisis, after completing SSC, set out for jobs. Dhirubhai Ambani went to Yemen and joined an oil company as a worker at 17 years old. After 8 years working life in Yemen, he came back in India and managed a business organization named Reliance. In early, Dhirubhai’s established company Reliance imported spices from Yemen. Then they started yarn’s business, from then Reliance never seen in behind.

Mukesh Ambani’s joining into Reliance:

In 1980, Indian government opened PFY (polyester filament yarn) manufacturing for the private sector. Mukesh Ambani’s father applied for PFY manufacturing license and got the license from the government over the stiff competition with Tata, Birla, and 43 others.

Dhirubhai Ambani handed on a polyester factory to him whilst he came back from America. He boosted yarn manufacturing business of his father’s company and extended the business into the rural area of India. With his astute leadership company’s business has successively increased. Then the Reliance has extended its business in the various sector including petroleum refining, telecommunication even oil and gas exploration.

Father Death:

In father death, two brothers faced conflict about ownership of the Reliance, the situation reached such a state that two brothers appeared in war, later the crisis settled down by their mother intervention. In an intervention, Mukesh Ambani gets ownership of oils, textiles and all refining business on the other hand; Anil Ambani gets asset management and entertainment business of Reliance.

Contribution of Reliance:

Mukesh’s country India produced that fuel by burning dung Reliance has contributed it in a large portion. Now, Reliance has built world’s largest oil refinery company and India has achieved twenty-third positions among the world’s oil producing countries in 2013. With the lead of Mukesh, Reliance has turned into a thriving name in the oil and fuel world. The Reliance Company has opened 700 food shops in India, Mukesh’s pledge, by these shops’ money can be reached to the marginal areas of India from the orotund cities. The grocery shops of Reliance have made more productive to the farmers in some specific zones of India.

The Richest Person Mukesh:

Among the 100 richest persons of India, he is in the 1st position. Forbes survey demonstrates that $21 billion property owner Mukesh keep holds this position over six years. He is not only the richest person of India but also one of the richest people of Asia who holds the second position. Mukesh’s owner Reliance is the most important commercial company in India. The one of the top richest persons of India and Asian Mukesh Ambani is listed as 19th world’s richest person with ownership of $23 billion property. He is the owner of IPL’s team Mumbai Indians and Forbes named him as one of the richest sports owners.

Mukesh Ambani Salary:

Indian richest person Mukesh Ambani’ per day income is Rs 11 cores. He is the owner of Reliance Group, but it has other partners, he gets Rs 2 crores as per month salary for conduct the business. Besides, he gets various allowances in per month that is Rs 6 million.

Luxurious House Antilla:

Although it can’t achieve the title of world’s richest person Mukesh holds the title of world’s luxurious home ownership. Ambani’s family member six, the 8, 000, 00 square-feet house Antilla has made for those family members. The home named Antilla after a mythical island of the Atlantic. In 2002, Mukesh purchased the 49 thousand square feet land in pursuing to build up a luxurious home. The Antilla costs 1 billion USD in 7 years construction work. The luxurious house height in 173 meters that is equal of typical 60 storeyed building. Exported 186 luxurious cars are used in family need.

The seventh floor has been kept for cars maintenance as a workshop, on the eighth floor, there is a large entertainment center, has been building a mini theater, the ninth floor has selected as refuge floor that will be used for emergency rescue, above this two-floor physical center. There is a beautiful garden in three floors, two floors have been reserved as a guest house, at the top’s four floors, from where you can enjoy the unrestricted beauty of The Arabian Sea and the sky opened meeting line. There are 600 staffs to take care of the house and its people that is recorded as an employed worker for a house.

Airplane Gifted to Wife:

Mukesh Ambani married to Nita Ambani in 1984. They have three children named Ananth, Akash, and Isha. But the matter of strange, Ambani gifted an aircraft to his wife on her 44th birthday that is incident in the south Asia. In the gifted aircraft, there is an office, music system, and entertainment cabin.

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