Henry Ford Bio, Wiki, Wife, Death & Net Worth

Henry Ford
Henry Ford

Full name: Henry Ford
Birth Date: July 30, 1863
Birthplace: Michigan, U.S
Died: April 7, 1947 (aged 83)
Occupation: Business Magnate
Company: Ford Motor
Spouse: Clara Jane Bryant
Net Worth: $1.2 billion
Zodiac sign: Leo

Henry Ford was a famous American motor businessman who founded the world’s best motor car company, Ford Motor. He is highly known around the world for launching assembly line mode in production. He created a model T car, which changed the American communication system Ford sold millions of cars and he becomes the richest person.

Early Life:

Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863, in Michigan, United States to William Ford and Mary Ford. A pocket watch was gifted to him by his father when he was fifteen years old. He would reassemble the watch and got a reputation as a watchman repairer in his teenage life.

Henry Ford did not like routine work, although his father pursued him to work on his mother’s farm. He left home to work as a mechanic in Detroit in 1979, but he came back to Dearborn to work on his family farm later. He became skilled in the operating system of a portable steam engine and studied bookkeeping.


Henry Ford began his career journey as an engineer at Edison Illuminating Company in 1891 and became Chief Engineer of this company later on. Leading automobile manufacturer Henry Ford was a versatile inventor and owner of 161 U.S. patents.

He is the father of assembly line mode, which is used in many production processes. He invented the automobile, radical changes in the industry and communication of America. He was able to produce more for his company with the combination of expensive labor and equipment.

He also launched the franchise and dealership system. He became the world’s richest and most respected figure as an owner of Ford Motor Company. He founded Ford Foundation with his total earned property.

Personal Life:

Henry Ford married Clara Jane Bryant in 1888 and they have a son named Edsel Ford.

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