Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton

Full name: Sir Isaac Newton
Birth date:
December 25, 1642
Birth place:
Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England
Cambridge University
Spouse (s):
Miss Storie (Engagement)
Not Known
Zodiac sign:

Isaac Newton is the greatest and most influential scientist in the world. He is the father laws of motion and universal gravitation. After the death of his father, the great scientist was born like prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SM). He is widely recognized around the world for the invention of mathematical study Calculus. After the long years of his death, his name remembers with respect yet.

Isaac Newton Early Life:

Isaac Newton was born December 25, 1642, in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England. Actually, he was born On January 04, 1643, as there didn’t begin use of modern calendar that time so his birthday enlisted as Christmas Day of 1642. Newton was born after three months of his father died. His father was a humble farmer of the village. At the time of born, his physical shape was very tiny.

His mother Hannah Ayscough got married again when Newton was three years old and went to live with newly married husband Reverend Barnabas Smith. At that time Newton used to live care of his maternal grandmother Margery Ayscough. He couldn’t like his stepfather and faded up a little to the mother as she remarried.

Isaac Newton completed primary education from a school besides of home. He was so much inattentive in school, although he passed matriculation from Trinity College. He worked as a servant in different places of college to pay study’s cost. After the death of his stepfather in 1656, her mother came back in Woolsthorpe and took him out of school, hoping that he would become a successful farmer. Fortunately, her mother persuaded that his major talents lay elsewhere. Then he enrolled at the Cambridge University at the age of eighteen where he absorbed science and mathematics.

Isaac Newton Career:

Isaac Newton adds a new dimension in the history of modern science, through his scientific invention world gets the idea of gravity, motion, and mathematics. He gave us an idea of action and reaction- his revolutionary idea about motion is “Every action has equal and opposite reaction” that the third laws of motion. Newton gives an explanation how the planets revolve around the sun from their orbits by the influence of gravitation. He was considered as the greatest scientist of the world that time.

Personal Life:

Newton’s engagement took place with Miss Storie, but he didn’t marry because he was so much absorbed in research and study. Newton died on March 20, 1727, in his sleep in London and he was buried in Westminster Abbey.

Research Field: Physics, Alchemy, Theology, Mathematics, Astronomy, Economics
Notable Works: Newtonian mechanics, Universal Gravitation, Calculus, Newton’s laws of motion, Principia

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