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Full Name: Archimedes
Birth Date:
c. 287 BC
Birth Place:
Syracuse, Sicily, Greece
Died: c. 212 BC (aged 75)
Buried:  Syracuse, Sicily
In a school in Egypt
Occupation: Scientist
Spouse (s):
Not Known
Not Known
Zodiac sign:
Known For: screw, Hydrostatics, Levers, Infinitesimals, Neuseis constructions
Fields: Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Astronomy

Archimedes is one of the greatest scientists in the world who was born in Syracuse on the island of Sicily, Greece. He was a physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer. Archimedes is widely known for his invention of screw pumps, compound pulleys, and siege machines. Although little is known about his life, he is considered one of the greatest scientists of the classical era.

Early Life:

Archimedes was born c. 287 BC in the seaport city of Syracuse, Sicily, Greece. His father’s name is Phidias he was an astronomer about whom nothing is known. It seems to be that, he was related to the King of Syracuse, Hieron, and his son Gelon.

He studied in a school that was founded by the Greek mathematician Elucid in Alexandria, Egypt. Then Archimedes went back to Syracuse to his native village to live, after pursuing his studies.

Archimedes Career:

Archimedes discovered the formula for the determination of spurious metal which is known as the Fluidity Law. He invented the theory to fire centralized the sunlight with the help of a spherical mirror. The theory was used in the war field by the Greeks. Archimedes discovered some theories and laws of motion and geometry. He also discovered screws and heat rays.


Archimedes was killed by Roman soldiers, and his cemetery was found 75 years later of his death.

Personal Life:

Have Archimedes got married or not or even have any children are not known.

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