Matt Mullenweg Bio, Girlfriend, Wiki, Height & Net Worth

Matt Mullenweg
Matt Mullenweg

Name: Matt Mullenweg
Born: 11 January 1984(age 28)
Birth Place: Houston, Texas, (USA)
Occupation: Web developer, Musician
Height: 5 feet and 8 inches
Girlfriend: Emily
Known for: WordPress
Net Worth: $400 million

Blog site on the internet is now countless for free and open-source web software, WordPress. Ex-employee of CNET Network, Matt Mullenweg is a founder of WordPress which is used over 16% of the web.  

In 2002, Mullenweg started using b2/cafelog software for a photoblog site but he could not get all the necessary features at b2/cafelog to complete this site. Firstly, he tried to devolve b2 but after a few months, he stopped it in January 2003 and think to create his own CMS software. He developed a new blogging CMS, WordPress from b2 code. Original b2 developer Michel Valdrighi also joined his work. At that time, Mullenweg was a nineteen years old freshman.

However, Matt Mullenweg was born on 11 January 1984 in Houston, Texas, USA. Mullenweg was a political science student at the University of Houston, but he dropped out like Mark Zuckerberg, before completing his study in 2004 to pursue a job at CNET Networks. He left his job at CNET Networks and founded in late 2005. He studied jazz saxophone and is also a Dvorak Keyboard user. Mullenweg can type over 120wpm.

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