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Greatest 20 Bengalis in the historyMujibur

List of the greatest 20 Bengalis of all time in history. Founder of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman listed in the number one position. The list includes people who are famous in the country and beyond the country.


Muhammad_Yunus-maynTop 10 internationally famous Bangladeshis

A list of Bangladeshi famous people, who have been getting worldwide recognition for contributions to their respective working fields.

rabindranathBangladeshi Poets Writers Linguists

There are Bangladeshi famous poets, writers, and linguists who are well known around the country. The list consists of famous people who are proved their writing capability in a respective working field.

Abdul_Hamid_Khan_BhashaniBangladeshi Politicians

There is a list of Bangladeshi politicians and social reformers who had put their contributions to developing the country. The country, Bangladesh is created for the political superiority of some political leaders such as Sheikh Mujibur.

lalon_459Bangladeshi Scientists Artists Saints

There is a list of famous Bangladeshi cultural figures. They worked consistently to enrich the Bengali culture. The Bangladeshi scientists, artists, and saints’ had contributed to the Bangladeshi cultural field.

List of famous Bangladeshi people

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