Elisabeth Shue

Elisabeth Shue

Elisabeth Shue is a well-known American actress who comes to the timeline around the United State after acting in the movie The Karate Kid. The actress played the significant role in her acted movie, due to the terrific acting technique she becomes the heartthrob actress within very short time to the film-loving audience.

Elisabeth Shue Early Life:

Elisabeth Shue was born on October 06, 1963, in Delaware, United State to James William Shue and Anne Brewster. Her father was a real estate businessman, lawyer and the president of the International Food and Beverage Corporation. Shue’s mother was a vice president of the Chemical Banking Corporation. When she was the only fourth-grade student, her parents divorced. From father side, she is the German decent and Shue’s mother was a descendant of William Brewster, a Pilgrim leader. In the early 19th century, her father’s family move abroad from Germany to Pennsylvania. She has a younger brother Andrew who is an actor; Shue also has two half-siblings Jenna and Harvey Shue from her father’s remarriage. Her older brother William died in an accident while on a family vacation.

Due to her father occupational demand, Shue with siblings found most of the time to get into difficulty in their suburban neighborhood. However, she admitted into Wellesley College which kept her out of trouble. During college life, Elisabeth Shue was inspired by a friend to work in TVC and thus she got a way to earn extra money and pays for college. In 1985, she transferred to Harvard University, but pursuing build up a career in the media, she withdrew from the university only one semester away from earning a degree. In 1997, Shue returned to Harvard University and completed her degree in Political Science in 2000. She was endorsed by the well-known brands for their commercial advertisement, especially for Burger King.

Elisabeth Shue Career:

Elisabeth Shue kicks off her career journey with the television commercial, during her Columbia High School life; just after her parents’ divorce, she got a chance for TVC. The actress predominately performed in the TVC of DeBeers and Burger King diamond in early career life.

In 1984, Shue made her debut in the Hollywood film industry with the martial arts drama film ‘The Karate Kid’, the movie was commercially hit. She appeared in a television series ‘Call to Glory’ where Shue played a role teenage daughter of a military family. Then Elisabeth acted in the horror movie ‘Link’ alongside Terence Stamp. Following the year, she acted in the movie ‘Adventures in Babysitting’. In 1988, Shue appeared in the romantic comedy drama film ‘Cocktail’ with co-star Tom Cruise.  Then she acted in the comedies and romantic comedy movies ‘Soapdish’ and ‘The Marrying Man’ respectively. In 1989, Shue appeared in the American science fiction movie ‘ Back to the Future Part II’ where she resemblance the character Jennifer Parker. In 1990, at the Lincoln Center, she made her Broadway debut.

Elisabeth Shue’s career slowed down prior to acting in the romantic drama film ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ in 1995. She stoutly comes back in the Hollywood film industry with the movie where she starred as a prostitute. ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ is perhaps her best work to date, the movie created fierce stir enough in the Hollywood box office. For her significant performance in the erotic romantic movie, she got Academy Award nomination. The movie is based on the semi-autobiographical novel of American great novelist John O’Brien. In 1996, Elisabeth Shue starred in the thriller film ‘The Trigger Effect’.

Elisabeth Shue Later Career:

Elisabeth Shue starred in a movie alongside Andrew, her brother which based on her personal story. Her brother had fame as a former actor who was the member of popular 1990s television drama series Melrose Place. Both brother and sister acted in the movie Gracie directed by Elisabeth husband Davis Guggenheim. The movie is based on the childhood story of Elisabeth Shue who lost her elder brother in an accident during the family vacation.

After the deeply personal movie, Shue starred in the American comedy movie ‘Hamlet 2’ in the movie she quit acting pursuing build up a career in nursing. In 2009, she appeared on the seventh season of HBO’s television series ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’. Then Shue starred in the 3D horror-comedy film ‘Piranha 3D’. In 2012, Shue starred in the drama series ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’.

Elisabeth Shue Personal Life:

Elisabeth Shue tied a knot with the film director Davis Guggenheim in 1994. The couple has three children named Miles, Stella and Agnes. Besides acting career, she is dedicated tennis player. Shue is the Harvard university gradUniversityarned a degree in political science in 2000.

Elisabeth Shue Quick Facts:

Full name:  Elisabeth Judson Shue
Birth date : 
October 06, 1963
Delaware, United State
5 feet 2 inches
Harvard Univers ity
Years active: 
Spouse (s): 
Davis Guggenheim
Zodiac sign:

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